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HBO’s Silicon Valley is consistently one of the most intelligent shows on television. In episode 7 of season 5, titled “Initial Coin Offering“, the main characters toil with the idea of launching their own cryptocurrency.

Bertram Gilfoyle, the anarchist systems engineer who has shown a passion for crypto throughout the past season, spends the episode trying to convince CEO Richard Hendricks that the startup should forego its $30 million Series B financing round from traditional VCs for an ICO, thus creating PiedPiperCoin.

“There are very few things that I will defend with true passion… medical marijuana, the biblical Satan as a metaphor for rebellion against tyranny, and motherf**kin god*mn cryptocurrency.”

Gilfoyle then proceeds to show Richard a PowerPoint he’s created that explains the evolution of currency and why tokenizing is a logical step for Pied Piper. Since Richard cuts Gilfoyle off, and we’re left wondering what the majority of the slides say, we decided to repost them in order, for the sake of comedy and cryptocurrency.

Read the Full Presentation
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