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Gods Unchained, an Ethereum-based collectible trading card game, unveiled a major update this week that allows for the release of tradable chests.

According to the recent announcement, players can now purchase Legendary and Rare Chests, which include 6 card packs. The cards are determined or minted when the chest is opened, allowing it to be traded. This is in contrast to purchasing a card pack, where the contents are determined when the purchase is made.

Chest promotion details (Gods Unchained)

“The primary reason we didn’t offer tradable packs in the past is that it required a new core contract (cards from past seasons couldn’t be created at all),” states the Gods Unchained team. “As we are now upgrading our main contract, we were able to change this logic and include tradable chests in the contract at the same time.”

The new tradable chest promotion was created with input from early adopters and will contribute toward the Genesis cap, meaning that when players open chests, it decreases the total number of available Genesis cards.

While described as tradable, the chests can’t actually be traded (or sold) until the end of the Genesis Season. Chest and card trading will both unlock on October 29.

In addition to the chests, the game will be migrating all cards to a new contract in the next week that eliminates the card ‘activation’ cost and drastically reduces the amount of gas the game will need to use.

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As we previously reported, Immutable, the creators of Gods Unchained, raised a $15 million venture round from Naspers at the end of September.

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