Snapchat (SNAP)is currently building a visual product search feature that allows users to order items from Amazon (AMZN). Tentatively called “Eagle,” TechCrunch reports that the service promotes camera-assisted shopping that uses the application to identify objects and barcodes, which then connects to Amazon if successfully matched with a listing.

Eagle was recently found buried inside the code of Snapchat’s Android application by Ishan Agarwal, an application researcher, under an unreleased “visual search” feature, which allows users to “Press and hold to identify an object, song, barcode, and more.” Shazam was also listed as a partner.

Amazon and Snapchat have not commented on the finding as of this writing, meaning it’s not entirely certain whether or not this feature will launch in a public forum. Snapchat currently contains a Shazam-based song-finder feature and houses an in-app shopping section, which has lead consumers to believe the Amazon feature will arrive in a matter of time.

Eagle appears to operate similarly to Snapchat’s Context Cards, which allow users to pull up business contact information, movie tickets, reservations, Ubers, and more.

While it’s only a matter of speculation now, it’s evident that “Eagle” may elicit an uptick in advertisers given that sales may only be a few taps away in this feature. Snapchat and Amazon may rely on referral links to generate interest in the feature when it launches, which would allow each participating company to receive a cut of every purchase.

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