Christian Bale returns to the big screen Dec. 22 in Hostiles, a somber and violent period piece set in the American West, circa 1892. Written and directed by Scott Cooper (Black Mass), Hostiles tells the story of a legendary army captain forced to escort a Cheyenne chief and his family through dangerous territory.

Based on the trailer, the action sequences look intense and violent, similar to The Revenant. There’s also some beautiful cinematic work on display from Masanobu Takayanagi (The Grey), which may be reason enough to see this western.

Screenshot: ‘Hostiles’ / YouTube

Vulture’s Emily Yoshida says “Bale is exceedingly well-cast as a man who holds onto his anger like a security blanket, who has become a junkie for violence.” And violent the film looks. With several battles taking place in the trailer, and a short clip of what appears to be Bale digging graves. Even the ending phrase, “we… are… all… hostiles,” suggests a story where everyone is dragged into the violence.

Screenshot: ‘Hostiles’ / YouTube

Despite the exciting trailer, critics haven’t been impressed by Hostiles — it currently has a 67 percent on RT after 24 reviews. We’ll have to see if moviegoers feel the same way once it hits theaters this Friday.

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