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Shanghai-based NEO gaming platform BlaCat revealed last week that it is collaborating with Imperial Throne, an upcoming multiplayer strategy game being built on the Ethereum (ETH) network.

According to the announcement, Imperial Throne allows players to become “lords of an empire.” In the game, players bid for land, mine tokens and recruit soldiers, all while working with allies to wage war against opposing players.

The game also features quests for the game’s native asset, Imperial Throne Token (ITT). The token mining, which occurs when a player purchases a piece of land and becomes a lord, accounts for 60% of the ITT distribution.

With the addition of the resources provided through the BlaCat platform, Wang Fangfang, the director of operations for Imperial Throne, hopes to achieve high-speed DApp development. BlaCat’s parallel application chain groups and wallet SDK is ultimately what drew Imperial Throne to add the functionality.

Chengdu Infinity Friendship Technology / BlaCat

Update (1/22/19): The article was updated to reflect the fact that ‘Imperial Throne’ is not migrating completely from Ethereum to NEO, but instead is leveraging BlaCat’s platform for cross-functionality between the networks.

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