Enjin (ENJ), a blockchain project building a decentralized ecosystem for gaming, has added a new game development firm to its growing multiverse through its Enjin Spark program.

According to the announcement, Infocus Games is developing two new Enjin-powered titles: Pathfinders, a sci-fi top-down shooter, and Clash of the Aces, a first-person shooter that focuses heavily on PvP.


With Pathfinders, gamers will be able to travel to different worlds in a spaceship and fight waves of enemies for ERC-1155 loot, including weapons, skins and characters. These NFTs will range in rarity from common to legendary and exotic.

‘Pathfinders’ (InFocus Games)

In addition to the Enjin-based NFTs, Pathfinders has its own token for early adopters. Pathfinders Founder’s Tokens (PFT) provide a number of bonuses and discounts, including the following:

  • 50% in-game drop boost on loot
  • Monthly airdrop (stackable)
  • 10% EXP boost in account leveling, character leveling and enchant chance
  • Small stat boost for every character you own (this will be tweaked so it doesn’t imbalance the game too much)
  • Ability to loan your single or multiple PFTs to other players for a fee (future implementation)
  • Small boost given to your Clash Of The Aces account (currently in discussion)
  • 4 limited edition character skins (supply of 500), 1 rare Mortar character (not available in pre-sale) and 3 randomly selected rare weapons as part of the PFT pre-sale package
  • 10% discount on all future Pathfinders sales (up to a maximum of $50 savings per month) – Please note that this future benefit is dependant on the ability to integrate discount codes or similar for wallets that hold PFTs on the ENJIN marketplace
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According to the Pathfinders website, there will only be 530 PFT minted, with 500 available in the Enjin Marketplace and 30 used for future promotions and giveaways. The current price per PFT is 2,050 ENJ (around $121).

InFocus Games launched the item pre-sale for the Pathfinders on Tuesday and plans to release the early access version of the game for PC this month for PFT holders. The free-to-play version will be available as a direct download starting in mid-January, with plans to add iOS and Android versions in the near future.

Clash of the Aces

While less information is available about Clash of the Aces (CoA), InFocus notes the first-person shooter will be a mix of Destiny, APEX Legends and Overwatch.

‘Clash of Aces’ (InFocus Games)

CoA will feature multiple PvP game sizes, including 1v1, 3v3, 8v8 and battle royale with up to 80 players. Players will be able to compete in Deathmatch, Capture-the-Flag, ClashTeam, and a game mode with vehicles called Onslaught.

Along with the game’s NFTs, which will have a similar rarity system to Pathfinders, InFocus plans to launch a founder’s token for the title. Token holders will be able to access the game’s planned alpha release in January, among other benefits.

“What intrigued [us] the most [about Enjin] was that a player obtaining one blockchain-based asset from one game could then use it across a multitude of other games, regardless of platform or genre,” stated InFocus Games in the announcement. “The second reason is that we believe all gamers around the world should be rewarded for their time playing a game. Last, but not least, is the amazing spirit within the Enjin community, the team’s incredible roadmap, and the astounding progress they have made so far. In fact, Enjin’s Unity SDK is so easy to use that it enabled us to integrate blockchain into our game in a matter of hours!”

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This news comes several weeks after, a new marketing startup focused on improving loyalty and rewards programs with NFTs, announced that it is working with Enjin to bring multi-game quest lines to the multiverse.

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