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Last August, Facebook (FB) made the decision to shut down four pages associated with, the controversial media platform for far-right American conspiracy theories and fake news ran by Alex Jones, over allegations of hate speech.

However, a recent report by The Washington Post reveals that Infowars-related content continues to thrive on the social media platform under the guise of NewsWars. An account that has posted more than 52 photos, 1,400 links, 1,100 Facebook videos and 13 YouTube videos since August.

According to the report, “Videos hosted by the NewsWars Facebook page have totaled 3.9 million views since August, nearly reaching the monthly viewership of Jones’s videos on Infowars and other pages he controlled before they were shut down.”

In response, Jones claims that while his social media team does cite the NewsWars page at times, the total referral from Facebook is only 1% of the site’s overall traffic.

“I stand ready to thank the corporate media and the authoritarians because they’ve taken us to a whole new level,” said Jones, who blames news organizations like The Washington Post for destroying independent media.

Despite Jones’ dismissal of the NewsWars impact, an independent review of the page suggests that almost all of the content comes directly from Infowars. In addition to Infowars articles, the page promotes Jones’ live broadcasts with Facebook encouraging users to “Watch this video with your friends.”

This news comes amid a rapidly accelerating crackdown on alt-right content across social media and payment platforms. We previously reported that PayPal has discontinued services to Infowars, citing similar alleged incidents of hate speech and discriminatory content as the basis for banning.

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