Intel has confirmed that its first discrete graphics chip, which will not be integrated into a CPU like its current graphics systems, will launch in 2020.

While the intended core customer base for the new GPUs has not yet been confirmed, Intel executive Navin Shenoy expressed interest in exploring both client and server offerings, according to MarketWatch. The chip is poised to be integrated into products across various markets, including gaming and artificial intelligence.

Last November, Intel hired former Radeon head of graphics, Raja Koduri, which sparked speculation that Intel would emerge as a graphics competitor against industry giants Nvidia and AMD. Although Intel’s integrated graphics technology has improved throughout the years, the push towards developing a competitive GPU should propel the company towards a more expansive product line.

A 2020 release has Intel moving quickly, as both Koduri’s hiring and the recent formation of a new Core and Visual Computing Group has the company beginning development from scratch. A usual graphics architecture and chip development average out cycles of about three years due to complex design, according to Nvidia’s Jensen Huang, making a 2020 window quite the aggressive objective.

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