In early 2018, we set out to build a new media outlet that would provide crypto investors and enthusiasts with an informative, trustworthy source of content, while bridging the new industry with adjacent industries like gaming, tech and esports.

Since that time, we have published more than 2,000 crypto articles, covering everything from breaking news on micro-cap altcoins to major industry trends and trading signals. This has been an incredible experience, as we’ve met some of the most innovative projects and startups in the world and shared their developments with our readers.

However, the reality of the online media business is that the current ad-driven revenue model is in the decline as more and more outlets compete for a stagnant number of ad placements. The ramifications of this are readily apparent across the entire industry, with even the largest news outlets forced to cut staff and compromise quality, and, as a smaller independent site, we are far from immune.

That is why we decided to launch SludgeFeed Premium, a new subscription offering that includes our highest-quality content and most-actionable crypto market coverage.

With SludgeFeed Premium, members can expect multiple high-quality articles each week, along with daily cryptocurrency market breakdowns and more. At the end of the day, we hope that SludgeFeed Premium will replace the need for investors to subscribe to numerous newsletters and other paid services.

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Your support will allow us to continue functioning as an independent outlet while helping us expand our content offerings for both Free and Premium readers.

That being said, the majority of our content will not be hidden behind the new paywall, and non-subscribers can still expect to receive a significant number of free articles each day. Additionally, all of our gaming, tech and esports content will remain completely free.

We deeply appreciate all of the support we’ve received from the crypto community through our first year, and we look forward to bringing our content to the next level in 2019. Any questions, comments or suggestions about SludgeFeed Premium can be directed to me or sent through our contact page.

3,000 TRX Giveaway

To kick-off our new subscription offering we’ve decided to fund a small cryptocurrency giveaway. Anyone who subscribes to SludgeFeed Premium (annual or monthly) before February 28 will be entered for a chance to win 1,000 TRON (TRX).

Three random winners will be chosen on Friday, March 1, and the funds will be sent out shortly thereafter (we will contact the winners via email for their TRX address).

Tom Stankewicz
SludgeFeed Editor-in-Chief
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