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Two weeks ago, Jack Black unveiled the launch of Jablinski Games, a new channel dedicated to gaming, food and life.


The YouTube community took notice, as Jablinski quickly gained over 2.5 million subscribers with only 77 seconds of non-gaming content.

Now, in his third video, Black has finally picked up the joystick,¬†so to speak, starting with some old school gaming. In the video titled, “A House with a Pin in it’s¬†[sic] Balls,” Black takes a visit to¬†The Pinball Hall of Fame,¬†a museum for pinball machines that opened in Paradise, Nevada in January 2006.

With his son manning the camera, Black visits a number of old-timey games, snapping off small jokes while trying his hand at the machines that date back as far as 1938.

It’s now looking like Black’s goal of passing the following of the channels associated with gaming sensations Ninja and PewDiePie could be a real possibility. At its current growth¬†rate, Jablinksi¬†will overtake PewDiePie’s current subscriber count of 79 million in around eight months.

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