Tron Foundation CEO Justin Sun, Consensus2019 (Justin Sun / Twitter)

TRON Foundation CEO Justin Sun has yet again delivered one of his patented pre-announcements of an announcement.

In a tweet posted on Tuesday, Sun responded to the following question, “When is big news coming that’s going to shake the crypto market?” by confidently stating that the end of October would bring such news.

While it’s impossible to tell what Sun and the TRON team are planning this time, some community members are speculating that it has to do with a partnership with Samsung. Additionally, back in August, Sun revealed that TRON has a dedicated team working to bring TRX to Coinbase, which would also qualify as major news.

Sun has a tendency to hype up announcements that often fall short of the lofty expectations of the crypto community. One prime example was when Sun promised a game-changing announcement, which turned out to be an outrageously expensive $4.5 million lunch date with Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett, which never ended up happening.

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