The Kin Foundation, which oversees the Kin cryptocurrency developed by Kik Interactive, recently launched a $3 million Kin Developer Program to fund developers building consumer apps centered around Kin.

According to the announcement, the Kin Foundation plans to support 25 developers with up to $60,000 USD and 400 million Kin over a 6-month period. In addition to mentorship and funding, the developers will be given full access to the Kin Ecosystem SDK.

Kin Foundation

In order to be eligible for the program, developers must implement at least one custom peer to peer or spending opportunity.

This news comes just one month after the Kin Foundation announced the recently launched the Kin Marketplace Beta test phase for the popular chat app. According to the announcement, a group of approximately 1,000 beta testers can now earn Kin by completing tasks like tutorials, quizzes, and polls.

Kik stands as the first mainstream application that has integrated cryptocurrency into its core platform.

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