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North, a Danish esports organization and the esports affiliate of F.C. Copenhagen and Nordisk Film, recently highlighted the ongoing toxicity issues that are plaguing the esports and gaming community.

“This is not about a single result, nor is it from a single demographic. It is only a fraction of the hateful, threatening or insulting messages that we get on a regular basis. And then we’ve not even begun to talk about the messages players get. We need to stop it together,” North added.

As a result, numerous top-tier esports organizations joined North in calling out the toxicity, including Cloud9, compLexity Gaming, PENTA, Team Liquid, Rogue, eUnited, SK Gaming and G2 Esports. Other non-gaming organizations, including Red Bull, have joined in backing the message.

The organizations are pushing #StopToxicity to help get the message trending across social media.

The movement to clean up abusive esports chat logs has been gaining steam in recent months. At the end of December, Blizzard announced a new moderation system that requires users who wish to participate in Twitch chat to link their account.

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