Matic Network Partners With ChainGuardians for an NFT Sale on OpenSea

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Matic Network (MATIC) has partnered with anime blockchain game ChainGuardians to conduct a limited-time, Matic-themed NFT sale for the next two weeks.

According to the announcement, a limited number of Matic Network-based “Mudra” are being given out to users who purchase a voucher for 5,000 MATIC (~$192) on OpenSea. This version of Mudra will be 15% more powerful than the Ethereum version and have a temporary 50% boost to hashing power on the game’s NFT-based PoS mining side game.

Mudra’s stats and backstory (ChainGuardians)

To receive their Mudra, voucher purchasers will need to enable Matic Network on their MetaMask wallets — the ChainGuardians’ team has provided instructions on how to do this. Current Mudra owners can also transfer their Mudra to the Matic Network sidechain to benefit from the bonuses.

As described in the ChainGuardians whitepaper, the web browser game combines anime and crypto and features PVP, PVE and collaborative gameplay in a post-apocalyptic universe. The mechanics follow a multi-world, turn-based strategy format which incorporates NFTs and real-world economic incentives.

There are currently 271 ChainGuardians items selling on OpenSea for an average price of 0.57 ETH on OpenSea, with several of the Matic Network Mudra for sale for 0.7 ETH (~$103).

In addition to the Mudra sale, the companies are also giving away $50 in MATIC and ChainGuardians coins and 10 ChainGuardians NFTs to 10 lucky winners. Registration for the giveaway ends on December 8. While the registration form says these will be “BattleRacers” NFTs, it likely means ChainGuardians based on the other announcements. Battle Racers is a new arcade-style racing game in the Decentraland metaverse, which recently launched its season one NFT sale on Matic Network.

MATIC’s price has been on a tear recently and is now up more than 169.7% in the last month to $0.03885, giving the token a $98.3 million market cap.

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