Michael Bloomberg Releases Election Ad: “Republicans Have Failed to Lead”

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Michael Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York City and¬†CEO of Bloomberg L.P., has come out in support of the Democratic Party leading up to Tuesday’s midterm elections in a commercial released on Sunday night.

In the two-minute ad titled, “Higher Purpose,” Bloomberg presents himself “not as a Democrat or a Republican, but as an American who is deeply concerned with the direction of our nation.”

In the ad, Bloomberg mentions the recent string of domestic shootings and bombing attempts as political violence that serves as a major threat to democracy. While using choice photos of President Trump, Bloomberg points to Washington as a source of the mounting problems.

Bloomberg continued, “We look to Washington to lead, to offer solutions, to bring us together, and to appeal to all of us as Americans‚Ķ we expect a plan. We expect to be called to a higher purpose. We expect to work together. I don’t hear that call coming from Washington these days. Do you?”

This rhetoric is likely to spark speculation that Bloomberg is gearing up for his own Presidental run to take on Trump after shying away from doing so in 2016. Bloomberg notably re-registered as a Democrat in October 2018.

“That’s why I’m voting Democratic. America is the greatest nation on earth and for all our sakes we must start becoming the UNITED States of America once again,” concludes Bloomberg.

Bloomberg’s support for the Democratic Party comes amid an unprecedented shift in thinking on¬†Wall Street. For the first time in a decade,¬†bankers have joined the¬†securities and investment industries to donate more money to Democrats than Republicans, in an apparent bet on the future outcome of the upcoming midterm elections. Previous reports¬†show Wall Street has given $56.8 million to Democratic congressional candidates, dwarfing the $33.4 million given to Republicans this election cycle. On the whole, Wall Street-based firms and asset managers have¬†financially backed Democrats over Republicans 52% to 46%.

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