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Vice President Mike Pence snitched on his FIJI fraternity brothers for having a kegger on their college’s dry campus, which got his entire fraternity in trouble, according to a former fraternity brother’s account in the Atlantic.

Pence, the president of the fraternity, was responsible for smoothing over FIJI’s rowdy activities with the Hanover College administration (basically, the job of every fraternity president). Animal House had come out earlier that year, so the fraternity had a great deal of inspiration, despite the strict no-alcohol policy at the small Presbyterian school. During one particularly crazy party, the brothers got word that an associate dean was coming, so they hid the intoxicating evidence and sent their president to the door. What happened next would make Pence the villain in his brother’s eyes for months to come, while boosting his stock with the administration (Hanover offered him a job in the admissions office after he graduated).

“We know you’ve got a keg,” the dean told Pence, according to the report.

Pence then lead the associate dean directly to the kegs’ hiding place and admitted that they belonged to the fraternity.

Pence broke a cardinal rule of brotherhood, he didn’t take the fall for the benefit of the fraternity, or at least delay long enough for someone else to step up. As they explain it in the Atlantic, “typically when scenes like this played out, one of the brothers would take the fall, claiming that all the alcohol was his and thus sparing the house from formal discipline.” To make matters worse, the fraternity president should be the first one stepping up in these situations to take the fall, you signed up for that.

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