Square Enix and Capcom recently announced that the worlds of Final Fantasy XIV and Monster Hunter: World are joining forces this summer for an in-game crossover.

The first phase of the crossover will begin later this summer, starting with Final Fantasy’s Behemoth in Monster Hunter: World, alongside the inclusion of Rathalos to Eorzea, the world of FFXIV. Currently, the crossover content in FFXIV will only be available for players who are at their maximum level, meaning various players who seek to participate may need to start leveling up. Players will specifically need to complete the Stormblood storyline to reach this limit, according to IGN.

FFXIV is currently undergoing a free trial that does not have concrete time limits for PC or PlayStation 4, meaning prospective players may begin the journey conveniently.

The trailer depicts a Behemoth falling to what appears to be an Elder’s Recess before becoming confronted with a hunter. A Deviljho can be spotted in the Behemoth’s mouth, which puts the large size of the monster into perspective.

At this stage, it’s still unclear how much of the games will overlap, and how much will be borrowed. It’s likely that Monster Hunter: World enemies will be added to the roster, with their size and aggressiveness being on par with the FFXIV version.

While no official release date has been provided on the official event webpage yet, players can expect to play the crossover within the next few months.

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