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There are now 24 cryptocurrencies with market caps over $1 billion. While everyone would enjoy hitting it big, finding the next moonshot heading to the three comma club is no easy task.

Generally, speculative bets are best made on not only specific coins but also coin categories and industries that are undervalued relative to their long-term utility and adoption. Right now, two major categories that are shaping up to be strong long-term bets include privacy coins and exchange tokens, both centralized and decentralized.

When creating a moonshot portfolio, it’s important for investors to diversify across categories, as to improve their odds of hitting it big. As they say, “it only takes one,” so speculative investors should not limit themselves by betting all of their money on one horse.

With that in mind, here are 6 small cap portfolio-ready projects that may be destined to reach $1 billion.

Sumokoin (SUMO) | $1.75 | $5M Mkt Cap |  Upside to $1B: 200x

Sumokoin is a privacy coin that is often regarded as having one of the quickest and highest quality development teams in the game. Sumokoin is to Monero what Litecoin is to bitcoin, and boasts a number of innovative elements, including an intuitive GUI wallet and miner, and an upcoming implementation of bulletproofs that work to significantly reduce blockchain size (up to 80%), transaction times, and ultimately lower fees. SUMO also boasts a very dedicated and surprisingly large community for a project of its size.

Sumokoin could very well take its place among the other major privacy coins that hold billion dollar valuations. (more)

Cappasity (CAPP) | $0.04 | $17M Mkt Cap |  58.9x

Cappasity is the first-ever decentralized AR/VR ecosystem for 3D content exchange. Cappasity’s platform leverages blockchain infrastructure to enable users to create, rent and sell 3D content. This approach ensures decentralized and trustless copyright storage and content exchange within the AR/VR ecosystem. Cappasity is looking to become a major player in the AR/VR space, which is believed to be valued at nearly $35 billion by 2025, and has built out a number of strong partnerships, including one with GPU giant Nvidia.

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Cappasity seems grossly undervalued based on these factors. (more)

Airswap (AST) | $0.36 | $54M Mkt Cap |  18.5x

AirSwap is a decentralized global marketplace for trading Ethereum based tokens OTC in a peer-to-peer fashion across the Ethereum blockchain, as opposed to other exchanges that are centralized and therefore susceptible to being hacked, front-running orders, and experiencing network failure. In the first day that AirSwap’s platform was live for trading, it handled over $1 million worth of transactions and currently trades some 25 tokens and that number is growing.

If you’re making a bet on decentralized exchanges taking over, AirSwap is one of the best small cap options money can buy. (more)

NavCoin (NAV) | $1.02 | $64M Mkt Cap |  15.6x

NavCoin is a solid project with a steady upward price trend, reasonable staking rewards and big upside based on its current price. It’s clear that NavCoin is extremely ambitious, with a development plan that incorporates cutting-edge tech from the get-go. Simply reviewing its features, you can see some distinct advantages to bitcoin: the community came to a consensus on SegWit early, transactions can be anonymous via the RSA algorithm, faster transaction speeds and core developers aim to build an app ecosystem around their technology.

NavCoin could very well overtake Litecoin as an alternative to bitcoin. (more)

Nexo (NEXO) | $0.31 | $170M Mkt Cap |  5.9x 

Nexo enables crypto investors to leverage the value of their digital assets without needing to liquidate holdings. Nexo is the first blockchain project to enable zero-fee, instant cryptocurrency-backed loans, while its token is the world’s first SEC-compliant dividend-paying (30% from the company’s net profits), asset-backed security tokens with utility features.

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Furthermore, Nexo is building off a successful private token pre-sale, which was oversubscribed 11 times over, hitting its hard cap of $52.5 million in less than two weeks. According to its website, Nexo has currently received more than $1 billion in requests for crypto-backed loans. (more)

KuCoin Shares (KCS) | $3.73 | $282M Mkt Cap | 3.5X

While KuCoin is definitely in the mid-cap category, it is worthy of inclusion given its daily interest payouts based on exchange volume and wide-range of altcoin listings. KuCoin has over 140 altcoins listed on its platform, including Neo (NEO), DragonChain (DRGN), OmiseGO (OMG), Cappasity (CAPP), Civic (CVC), DeepBrainChain (DBC), Qtum (QTUM) and TenX (TENX). The exchange also offers a dedicated Neo market and daily NeoGas payouts for users’ Neo balances. Additionally, KuCoin recently announced the addition of crypto wallet project Bread (BRD) as a tradeable token and reinstated a three-tier referral program for new members. (more)

Final Take

Speculating on the next billion dollar altcoin is no easy task, especially since the current tribalism causes many investors to allocate money inefficiently, but by diversifying your bets across strong altcoins in essential categories (sectors or industries), you can increase the odds of hitting that once in a lifetime moonshot. The coins listed above are all fairly speculative, apart from exchange token KCS, but exciting options for the investor willing to stomach some risk.

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Disclaimer: The author(s) of this article may have a position in one or more of the securities mentioned above. This article is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as investment advice. Always conduct your own due diligence before making investments.