The Atlas card (OpenSea)

Gods Unchained, an Ethereum-based collectible trading card game being developed by Immutable, has been on a roll since launching its marketplace last month.

Now one of the game’s rarest cards has sold on OpenSea for 210 Ethereum (ETH), worth roughly $31,000 at current prices. The sale was made in a traditional auction format, with bidding beginning at 165 ETH and quickly rising to 210 ETH before the conclusion of the auction.

Atlas allows players to shuffle 15 Atlas’ Burdens into both players’ decks at the beginning of a match. The card is one of the 3 currently available “Mythic” cards, of which there will only be a maximum of 4 released each year.

The Atlas card’s properties (OpenSea)

Hyperion, one of the other mythic cards, previously sold for 142.279 ETH, worth around $62,000 at the time.

Gods Unchained cards on OpenSea have seen more than 2,220 ETH in volume over the last 7 days with over 10,000 active accounts.

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