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The team behind the NBA 2K League announced this week that Season 2 will feature a prize pool of $1.2 million, a step up from the previous season’s $1 million.

According to the recent announcement, the 2019 season will feature 4 prize-winning opportunities, including 3 tournaments and the 2019 NBA 2K League Playoffs.

“THE TIPOFF tournament will have a prize pool of $120,000. THE TURN and THE TICKET will each feature a prize pool of $180,000. The 2019 NBA 2K League Playoffs will have a total prize pool of $720,000, with the NBA 2K League champions receiving $360,000 from that pool,” reads the announcement.

There will be 3 types of players contracts for the new season, with all players retained from Season 1 earning a base salary of $37,000 while newly drafted players will be broken down by round. First-round selections earn a base salary of $35,00 while second and later round players bring home $33,000. Each contract is good for six months and allows players to sign additional endorsement deals.

Season 2 is set to tip-off this Spring and will feature an expanded list of 21 teams, each representing an NBA franchise.

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