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The price of NebulasĀ (NAS), a public blockchain platform that uses the developer incentive protocol (DIP) and proof-of-devotion (PoD) algorithms for faster consensus, is currently up 28% after announcing an airdrop ofĀ Atlas Protocol (ATP), which is developing interactive advertising marketing on chain, and building a blockchain interactive advertising traffic alliance.

According to the announcement, theĀ Nebulas Council will take a snapshot of the mainnet NAS addresses on 16:00, October 15 (UTC+8).Ā Investors can participate in the airdrop and receive ATP only if they have NAS coins when the snapshot is taken.

An ‘airdrop‘ is defined as the distribution of digital tokens or cryptocurrencies without monetary payment from the token recipient, which is often used as a means of marketing and supply distribution.

However, this form of digital asset distribution may soon fall under regulatory scrutiny as the recent Tomahawkcoins (TOM) airdrop bounty program failed theĀ Howey Test,Ā a test used by the Supreme Court toĀ determine whether an investment contract should be considered a security.

For the time being, it looks like investors will continue to benefit from the free tokens and the NAS/ATP airdrop will go forward. NAS currently trades on several major crypto exchanges, includingĀ Binance.


NAS has a $78 million market cap and is currently ranked 73rdĀ in theĀ AltDexĀ 100 IndexĀ (ALT100), a benchmark index for large-cap cryptocurrencies and tokens.

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Disclaimer: This articleā€™s author has cryptocurrency holdings that can beĀ tracked here. This article is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as investment advice. Always conduct your own due diligence before making investments.