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Upcoming blockchain RPG Neon District plans to launch its Founders Loadout this Saturday, where users with Founders Keys are able to gain early access to Season One weapons, items and more.

According to a recent announcement on the Founders’ website, the Founders Loadout is being pushed back a week to Saturday at 1:00 PM (EST), to make sure the platform is fully ready. Following the Founders Loadout, several Public Loadouts will run through October and November until the game’s public launch in December.

The Founders Loadout launch and all other Season 1 events will be pushed back a week. (Neon District)

“We’re pushing everything back a week so the Founders all have plenty of time to move ETH around or whatnot, and have the opportunity to get all the items they’d like,” stated Blockade’s executive producer, Chris Chapman, in the announcement.

Neon District’s storyline allows gamers to take on the role of rebels, called Degens, which are in a never-ending battle against The Mainspring, an autocratic and mechanical government is attempting to wipe out all previous signs of culture and independent thought.

The gameplay features third-person turn-based battles, where characters, equipment and other in-game assets gain experience points over-time. These assets are represented by ERC-721 non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and are recorded on the Ethereum Network via the Loom DAppchain.

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