Recent reports have emerged in Europe suggesting that Netflix will soon launch its priciest subscription plan yet.

The streaming service will reportedly be adding a fourth option to its subscription tiers that will include access to HDR content, in addition to all of the content featured in Netflix’s Premium Plan.

This new tier is set to be called the Ultra plan, according to Italian blog Tutto Android, which has provided screenshots of the subscription plans. The images show that the Ultra plan includes playback on up to four screens and costs €16.99 ($20) per month.

Apart from the added HDR support, which will require users have access to the compatible hardware, there are no features in the Ultra plan that differ from that of the current Premium option.

Reports from users who tested out the Ultra plan have stated that the Premium subscription might receive a downgrade in order for the new plan to seem more worthwhile by limiting the number of screens that may be utilized simultaneously. As of now, Premium users may watch Netflix content on up to four separate screens, which may be downgraded to two following the newest tier’s intent to support four displays.

It’s rumored that the standard subscription may be limited to just one display as a result of the new adjustments. Although there are no plans to increase or decrease the price for the subscriptions available, losing two screens may prevent users from easily sharing accounts moving forward.

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Netflix has not officially responded to the rumors, nor announced the new tier at this time.

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