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Decentraland (MANA), the first virtual platform owned by its users, revealed this week that it is developing a new team-based strategy game built on the blockchain.

XOM-8: Scrapyard Escape is an open-source project being developed by the core Decentraland team planned for release in coordination with the launch of the Decentraland Client as one of the first games hosted in Genesis City.

According to the announcement, XOM-8 heavily focuses on team play where each player takes the form of a XOM-8 robot belonging to one of three factions: The Foundry, The Reapers, and the P.I.P.s. In the game, teams compete for resources as they face various challenges and race to build a starship, which marks the completion of the game.

What makes XOM-8 unique is that each player must stake a certain amount of MANA in order to participate in a game, which creates a winner-takes-all pool that pays out to the top team. On top of this, players are able to earn in-game assets that can be stored and used in future matches and eventually even different games.

There will be many additional awards in the form of tokenized in-game assets, like new characters, machinery upgrades, special buildings (and more) that players can save and reuse in future games.

Decentraland has not given a final release date for the game but notes that the team plans to document its development via the project blog.

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