Nearly two years after the initial launch, Niantic has announced that they are bringing a trade feature to Pokémon Go.

Trainers who connect to the new ‘friends list’ may participate in trading so long as they are within close physical proximity to one another. During the trade, trainers will earn the ‘candy’ of the pokémon they receive, which contains a bonus that may be increased if the traded pokémon were caught far from one another.

Players are granted individual trainer codes, which they must present to their friends and accept to be added to a new friends list. Friend levels are attached to each pair, which may be increased through participating jointly in gym battles, raid battles, and through upcoming gift exchanges.

Players may also gather gifts from PokéStops to later present to friends, with some items only being available through gifting, including the upcoming 7km eggs that house the exclusive Alolan pokémon. Other rewards will be automatically granted when reaching specific friend level milestones.

The friendship levels between the players who are trading pokémon may provide unique bonuses, like stardust discounts. The higher the friendship level, the higher the proclivity for special trade options to unlock, which include the ability to trade regional, legendary, and shiny pokémon.

Niantic maintains that playing Pokémon Go with others is an important aspect within the journey, which is why the developer chose to not allow remote trading and promotes users go out in the real world to find or trade rare creatures.

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The new feature is expected to arrive later this week.

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