Legendary Uranium Planet Tartaros (NextColony)

NextColony, a last-days space simulation with RPG elements and tradeable collectibles built on the Steem (STEEM) blockchain, has reportedly sold the most expensive digital collectible in the history of Steem during the game’s launch sale auction.

According to the announcement, NextColony auctioned off 3 planets for 10,005 STEEM ($3,870) apiece to Steemit user @xx0xx.

Xx0xX / Steemit

Launch Numbers ?

In addition to the record sale, 586 users discovered their Alpha Planet (each user gets an Alpha Planet), with over 28,555 transactions processed. Additionally, 38,494 STEEM was raised over three auctions, with nine Legendary Uranian Planets sold.

Of the STEEM paid to NextColony, the team is paying out 30% to players for performing certain tasks, such as building Wonders of the Universe, or by simply remaining active within the game. The current reward pool stands at 12,827.4 STEEM.

Interested gamers can get started playing NextColony directly from the game’s website through Steem Connect.

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