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Pokémon Go developer Niantic recently announced that it is allowing third-party developers to utilize its augmented reality (AR) platform to develop applications.

In a recent meeting, Niantic CEO John Hanke detailed plans to allow third-party groups to utilize the company’s AR gaming engines. Described as a Real World Program, the engine that is responsible for both Pokémon Go and Ingress uses cutting-edge technology and depth detection algorithms to accurately assess geolocation.

Hanke has detailed plans for Niantic to operate similar to Amazon Web Services, the popular cloud computing platform, by providing its augmenting reality tools as a service.

Niantic recently showcased how its technology evolves over time by creating a demo featuring a new system called “occlusion.” This tactic was adapted from machine learning technology acquired from London-based startup Matrix Mill, which has created a real-time neural network that obscured images behind real-world objects. These algorithms allow individual Pokémon to hide behind structures, such as park benches and flower pots.


According to Variety, this technology may also be included in upcoming augmented reality title Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

Niantic recently outlined their goals moving forward in a blog post, which also explains how developers can get started on the Real World Platform.

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