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Nielsen, a global information, data and analytics company, has teased an upcoming study on esports fan attitudes and behaviors in the U.S. that leverages insights from the popular streaming platform, Twitch.

According to a press release provided to SludgeFeed, the study combines survey-based attitudes and preference data with Twitch viewership and behavior data from 2,000 esports fans based in the United States. These users were screened to have watched esports competitions from games including League of Legends, Overwatch League, and Fortnite within the last year.

The report reveals that a whopping 60% of Twitch esports viewers have been following esports for four or more years. This is compared to the general U.S. esports fanbase, where only 20% of viewers have been following esports that long. Additionally, 23% of all esports viewers across the U.S. have started watching within the past year.

Notably, 60% of Twitch esports fans engage with gaming personalities on a daily basis, clearly indicating a unique opportunity for brand sponsorship on the streaming platform.


“Twitch caters to the many interests of gamers with esports among the more popular types of entertainment we offer,” said Andrea Garabedian, the VP of advertiser marketing at Twitch. “By providing Nielsen with an opportunity to survey our community, they were able to surface data that reflects the passionate nature of our esports fans. Based on the amount of time these gamers spend on our service and their familiarity with the scene, from the games to the sponsors, it is clear that Twitch represents an ideal destination for brands trying to connect with this audience.”

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Nielsen notes that the full data set will be published in the annual Nielsen Esports Report for the U.S. market.

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