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Nike (NKE) revealed its new sneaker on Tuesday using FreshStock, Twitch’s live show celebrating sneaker culture.

The new shoe was revealed to be the Nike Adapt BB, Nike’s first smart shoe designed for on-court performance. The $350 Nike Adapt BB delivers a consistent, customized fit that’s unique to every basketball player, boosted by the Nike Adapt app, which allows owners to save settings on their shoe, design and leverage continuous improvements through updates.

Co-hosted by Twitch staffers Bash “Bashlol” Mussa and Ray “Hypebeast” Li, FreshStock’s show walks through the newest releases in the world of sneakers, shares style tips, and has an ongoing “sneaker of the week” segment.

Really excited to see Twitch partnering with Nike for an announcement on the future of footwear and a live special pre and post-show broadcast with FreshStock from NYC…” added Nathan Lindberg, Twitch’s Sr. Director of Global Sponsorship Sales, in a post on LinkedIn.

This announcement comes roughly a month after Nike revealed that professional League of Legends player Jian “Uzi” Zihao became its first sponsored esports player. He will appear alongside basketball icon LeBron James to support the star’s ‘Dribble &’ campaign.

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The unveiling was also broadcast on Twitch’s main channel. The shoe goes on sale February 17.

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