Ninja's streaming room via YouTube

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has made a bold prediction for the eleventh season of the popular battle royale title, Fortnite.

In a recent tweet, Ninja stated that he is “incredibly confident” that Season 11 will feature a new map, a first for Fortnite since the game launched in July of 2017.

The tweet came in response to growing speculation fueled by a promotional image for the new season found on the Italian Apple App Store, which included a picture for a “Chapter 2” with what looks to be a new map.

The picture has since been removed but the code for the new release includes a number of new map locations, suggesting a completely fresh landscape. Other clues include the final set of timed challenges in Season 10, which are titled “Last Stop,” and feature a picture of the Battle Bus flying off into the sunset.

Fortnite promo image
Epic Games / Apple

While it’s still unconfirmed that a new map is on the horizon, it makes sense that Epic Games would look to keep their game from growing stale with a new battleground, especially after Apex Legends recently released a second map.

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Season 11 is set to launch on October 13 for all platforms.

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