In what is turning out to be a theme of 2018, PayPal (PYPL) has reportedly banned cybersecurity news source, The Hacker News, from using its payment platform — suggesting the seemingly legitimate news source may not be all that it appears.

As revealed in a recent tweet thread by the website, PayPal has permanently banned The Hacker News and will be holding its wallets for 180 days. According to THN, PayPal has failed to provide a single reason behind its decision to ban the company.

“Specific reasons for such a decision is proprietary and it is not released since that could impair PayPal’s ability to do business in a safe and secure manner,” PayPal allegedly told the site.

A quick glance at the comments section of the tweet shows that readers and supporters of The Hacker News are now pushing the news outlet to adopt cryptocurrencies, and more specifically Bitcoin (BTC) as an alternative payment method.

This is script has been played out multiple times in 2018, but the subjects of PayPal’s bans have always been controversial figures and organizations, including far-right activist “Tommy Robinson” and Twitter-alternative, Gab.

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The Hacker News has not provided any updates since first taking the situation public, but some internet observers believe PayPal made the right move based on the website’s questionable track record. Allegations dating back to 2014 accuse the site of plagiarizing content without proper attribution — a hard-to-prevent practice especially common in the crypto industry as conspicuously-named sites dominate Google’s search results and copy articles with reckless abandon.

PayPal and The Hacker News did not immediately respond to our request for comment.

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