G FUEL, the self-styled official drink of esports, announced this weekend that it is now an official sponsor of Swedish YouTuber PewDiePie — who currently has around 80.7 million subscribers on his channel.

According to the announcement, PewDiePie recently became a backer of G FUEL after a long period of skepticism toward the brand’s value relative to other energy drinks. Ultimately, the streamer tried the product and determined that that G FUEL was a healthier option than other energy drinks.

With the new partnership, G FUEL now offers “PewDiePie’s Picks,” a selection of starter kit flavors that includes 7 packs and a shaker cup for $14.99.

PewDiePie’s G FUEL Picks

The PewDiePie sponsorship comes shortly after the release of a special G FUEL Flavor for Dr DisRespect, a Twitch streamer with more than 3 million followers who recently signed with CAA, a major Hollywood talent agency. The flavor, “Black on Blackberry,” was announced in late September of last year.

G FUEL’s sponsorship strategy also includes major esports brands, including TSM, FaZe Clan and Team Kaliber.

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