PewDiePie Promotes TRON, BitTorrent and DLive in a Recent YouTube Video

via PewDiePie / YouTube

Last month, Blockchain-based streaming platform¬†DLive¬†officially joined the BitTorrent (BTT) ecosystem and announced that it will be migrating to the TRON (TRX) blockchain and BTT will be replacing LINO as the platform’s main token for payments.

The TRON team has not wasted any time in leveraging the new DLive integration, as Swedish YouTuber PewDiePie, who recently started streaming on DLive, is already beginning to promote TRON and BitTorrent.

In a recent YouTube video, PewDiePie starts off the broadcast with an ad for TRON, BitTorrent and DLive, prompting his over 100 million following to signup for DLive for a chance to win a gaming chair.

The ad in the video’s description (PewDiePie / YouTube)

“All you need to do is click [the] link in the description to join,” stated PewDiePie. “Wow. But Felix [what is] BitTorrent? BitTorrent is the biggest decentralized peer-to-peer filesharing network in the world. Powered by TRON blockchain.”

He went on to highlight the reason he joined the DLive platform, saying, “…because their mission is to not take any of the streamers’ earnings, and that’s how they support streamers in a huge way.”

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