pixEOS, a development group building on the EOS (EOS) blockchain, recently teased the pixEOS Game Center, a new initiative to launch more than 15 titles in 2019.

Games included in the teaser video were Paint The Arcade, Grand Cannon, Blockatrix 3000, Reel, Fleets of Illusion, and Sunset By Sunrise. Each title represents a take on well-known mechanisms found in other arcade and gambling games. pixEOS also revealed that it will be pushing a major update to pixEOS Paint, a pixel art strategy game.

The browser-view of pixEOS Paint (pixEOS Paint)

pixEOS has its own EOS-based token, which is currently distributed as a reward for actions in pixEOS Paint. Users can also stake their pixEOS to earn additional pixEOS. It stands to reason that pixEOS will also fuel the additional games launching in the coming year.

Watch: pixEOS GameCenter Video Promo
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