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Binance, a new marketing startup focused on improving loyalty and rewards programs with NFTs, announced this week that it is working with Enjin (ENJ) to bring multi-game quest lines to the Enjin Multiverse, which now includes more than 30 games.

According to the recent announcement, the Multiverse quests are being designed in a similar fashion to those found in the popular novel and film, Ready Player One. These quests will feature game items, allowing players to earn rewards for using virtual inventory across multiple games and platforms.

“We plan to take the concept of perpetual gameplay to the furthest extreme, by developing quests and game items that travel through a vast expanse of gaming universes, spilling out into websites and social media,” said CEO Simon Kertonegoro. “We also intend to offer ways for the 2 billion gamers out there to receive tangible value from their in-game pursuits, by playing games and receiving rewards that can improve their lives.”

Example quests with RIO rewards (

On top of the quests, the platform is planning to launch its bounty program this month, which allows gamers to earn both ENJ and RIO, a new reward token developed by Rewards can be earned for completing various tasks, such as using a specific item across several games. has also developed a software development kit (SDK) that allows its data to be integrated into any game, website, app or social network. These clients are then able to tap into the Enjin ecosystem and leverage the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain.

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This news comes several weeks after Enjin received an investment from the venture arm of Luxembourg-based crypto development and investment group Blockchain.

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