As Tron (TRX) begins the transition to its mainnet, researchers at the Digital Asset Research (DAR) claim to have discovered multiple instances of plagiarized code.

According to a report recently released by DAR, which is a digital asset sell-side research firm for institutional investors, there are several instances of code that was copied line for line, or with slight modifications, from EthereumJ.

While the plagiarism is of concern to DAR, the group states that it is far more concerned regarding the potential technical issues facing the project.

EthereumJ is known to be unreliable and has issues like memory leakage. Moreover, the Tron Virtual Machine is a direct copy of the Ethereum Virtual Machine, but with changes that may increase the network’s attack surface. By incorporating a Delegated Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm into its technology stack, the TRON network will likely be exposed to unique technical risks following its mainnet launch because the project is combining technologies originally developed for different system architectures.

Tron’s token valuation has risen a staggering 2400% since its ICO in September 2017. Since that time, the Tron has also gained a large and dedicated following with nearly half a million followers across social media.


Given that Tron was outed last January for plagiarizing its whitepaper, many now wait to see if the project can deliver on its lofty milestones to justify its multi-billion dollar valuation. The first step, of course, is the successful transition onto its mainnet starting this week.

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Tron and Justin Sun have yet to respond to DAR’s report, although the Tron Foundation has acknowledged borrowing from Ethereum in the past.

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