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While Republicans, including Donald Trump Jr., have been quick to blast Democrats after the recent Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment reports, most seem to have conveniently forgotten that President Trump has a laundry list of allegations.

Donald Trump Jr. has been incessantly tweeting about the Weinstein harassment scandal for the past few days, so Seth Rogen decided to remind Trump Jr. that his father has 16 sexual harrassment accusations and counting, according to HuffPost. Rogen sent the following messages to Trump’s direct message inbox:

While two terrible humans certainly don’t offset, it seems obvious that Trump Jr. desperately needed a wake-up call regarding his father’s own indiscretions with the opposite sex over the years. Just look at some of these tweets (and this doesn’t even include the numerous retweets):

For the record, when your dad brags about grabbing women ‘by the pussy,’ a phrase I’ve never once heard another man utter, you lose the right to criticize other people. Secondly, it’s really fucking sad that Trump Jr. gets his news from outlets like, Stefan MolyneuxTownHall, and Gateway Pundit – although, I suppose it’s better than watching Fox and Friends with Dad.

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It’s truly amazing to watch Republicans salivate over the Weinstein scandal, but they’re not outraged over what he did, no, they’re outraged over his association with the Democrats. This is merely the latest example of selective conservative outrage, as you don’t see any of them criticizing the former Republican Speaker of the House, who went to prison for molesting children.

Dennis Hastert / Chicago Now

As Donnie Trump Jr. would say, it’s straight “out of the playbook.” Remember back in the ’90s when Republicans acted like Bill Clinton’s affair was the biggest crime of the century, despite Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich carrying on an affair during the impeachment. In fact, two other Republicans also had ongoing sex affairs while impeaching Clinton.

All I’m saying… classic Republican move: cover-up and protect your own, expose and attack the opposition. It’s all about winning for Republicans, and Donald Trump Jr. is the prototypical conservative shill for this administration.

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