We are now 8 months into the latest crypto bear market. For investors who have ‘bought the dip’ over the past half a year, available capital to spend on new investments is likely running dry.

One interesting option for small-scale investors looking to further dabble in crypto is online cryptocurrency faucets, which have been growing in popularity in recent years as more new investors move into the markets. These faucets work to provide users with a small amount of a digital currency for performing simple tasks like solving a captcha or viewing an advertisement.

While faucets generally carry a negative connotation, largely due to the annoying ads and minimal payouts, there are a select few sites that have been functioning long enough to be considered reliable.

Here are 6 top faucets to passively earn popular cryptocurrencies:

Bitcoin (BTC) Faucet 

Bitcoin faucets are the oldest in the industry and there are lots of options for investors to choose from. This particular faucet is notably ad-free, has over 15 million registered users and pays out up to $200 worth of BTC hourly for solving a captcha. To date, more than 148,000 BTC has been paid out to users. The site also features daily compounding interest for balances above 30,000 satoshis and various games and lotteries.

ZenCash (ZEN) Faucet 

One major project that offers its own faucet is ZenCash, a privacy-focused cryptocurrency platform. ZenCash’s faucet currently pays out up to 150,000 Satoshis (~$10 or about 0.5 ZEN) every 20 hours, providing users with a random amount directly to a wallet of choice with each visit. ZenCash does not require any action to earn the daily ZEN, although it does request that investors sign up for the project’s newsletter.

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Cardano (ADA) Faucet 

This faucet has over 48,000 registered users and pays out between $0.0003 and $300 worth of ADA every hour. Withdrawals are processed immediately to any Cardano address with a minimum of 1 ADA.

NEM (XEM) Faucet

From the same owner as the Cardano faucet, this faucet pays out between $0.0003 and $300 worth of XEM every hour. Withdrawals are processed immediately to any NEM address with a minimum of 1 XEM.

Dogecoin (DOGE) Faucet 

With more than 3 million registered users, this faucet pays out up to $150 in DOGE every hour for solving a captcha. The DOGE faucet lets users withdraw coins any time, and offers auto-payouts every Sunday.

NEO (NEO) Faucet 

The NEO faucet enables users to enter their NEO address, solve a captcha, and receive rewards directly to their wallet.

In addition to the captcha rewards, the NEO faucet also provides a browser mining option that enables users to leverage their computer’s processing power to receive daily NEO mining payouts. Users have full control over mining speed by adjusting their desired hash rate, as it likely mines Monero (XMR) and pays out in NEO.

Final Take

As fresh powder for investments runs dry, small-scale investors might find faucets an engaging alternative to spending personal funds on crypto. While faucets are largely considered a waste of time, the above five at least offer the potential for reliable and withdrawable income.

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Disclaimer: This article’s author has cryptocurrency holdings that can be tracked here. This article is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as investment advice. Always conduct your own due diligence before making investments.