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SIX, the company behind Switzerland’s stock exchange, announced today that it will be launching its own fully-regulated cryptocurrency exchange, called the SIX Digital Exchange (“SDX”), that integrates trading, settlement and custody infrastructure for digital assets into a single platform.

The new platform, which will be built on distributed ledger technology (DLT), will provide a secure system for issuing and trading digital assets, while also enabling the tokenization of existing securities and non-bankable assets to make previously untradeable assets tradeable, according to the announcement.

In a statement accompanying the announcement, Jos Dijsselhof, the CEO of SIX, explained that it was a no-brainer for the firm to make the move into the digital currency space.

This is the beginning of a new era for capital markets infrastructures. For us, it is abundantly clear that much of what is going on in the digital space is here to stay and will define the future of our industry.

SIX is currently regulated by a number of Swiss entities, including Swiss Authorities, FINMA and the Swiss National Bank. SIX plans to apply the same oversight from these agencies to the new digital exchange, adding a level of legitimacy that is rarely seen in the young, volatile industry.

The first services for the new exchange are slated to be rolled out in mid-2019.

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