Skillz, a mobile multiplayer gaming platform that features online games, is reportedly running around 2 million daily tournaments with $675,000 in payouts to players.

In a recent report by CNBC,Ā Skillz co-founder and CEO Andrew Paradise revealed that he sees the platform’s user base surgingĀ to “hundreds of millions” in the next two years, based on current growth numbers.

This growth, which is primarily driven by the immense access to mobile devices across the globe, highlights the massive potential of the esports and just how fast the industry is moving.

“It’s really crazy to think about what that’s like, and that this entire ecosystem and life wasn’t possible five years ago,” said Paradise. “As we fast forward, [we will see] bigger prize pools, more devices, more ubiquitous internet. You can see a player like that coming from out of nowhere and rising to the top sheerly by being the best.”

Skillz revealed in September that itĀ doubled its revenue in just a matter of 5 months from $200 million to $400 million. In addition to revenue from its tournaments, Skillz is selling targeted advertising, as well as developers tools for companies looking to integrate Skillz’s gaming infrastructure.

Games on Skillz are currently card-based, simple shooters or digital board games, but the market for mobile esports is quickly becoming more substantial with titles likeĀ Clash Royale and Fortnite.

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