Over the last year, SludgeFeed has published more than 2,000 articles… mostly within our three areas of focus: cryptocurrency, technology and gaming.

In this time, we’ve had the pleasure of interviewing a number of crypto and esports industry leaders, partnered with companies to improve transparency and accuracy of reporting, and even launched a cryptocurrency index platform, AltDex, designed to allow investors to track the relative performance of multiple digital asset categories.

As the new year kicks-off, we wanted to take the time to look back at our most popular crypto pieces from last year. Enjoy.

Our bad on this one. Although to be fair, we didn’t say when the bear market would end. (April 21)

Concerns of market manipulation filled the air after an unknown investor took out a 10,000 BTC short, roughly equaling $74 million at the time, just moments before an 11% drop. (September 15)

We provided an inside look at what it takes to gain a listing on Binance (it has since changed) and the impact such a listing has on a coin’s price trajectory. Of course, we then speculated on altcoins primed to be selected. (May 25)

A deep dive into Hashed, a Korean blockchain project accelerator and investment fund, which at the time had built an impressive portfolio of 42 altcoins. (May 16)

We searched out several cryptocurrencies actually beginning to see real-world adoption. (September 21)

We first broke that Arcade Distillery is gearing up to launch a new game for the PS4 built around the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. (November 18)

We touch on the fact that CNBC’s predictions have turned out to be 95% accurate… as a counter trade indicator. This means that 95 percent of the time that CNBC makes a price call, taking the opposite trade will give investors positive returns. (August 24)

We used the AltDex 100 and historic price data to calculate crypto betas for the first time. (August 26)

Like most of you, we’re avid watchers of HBO’s Silicon Valley, so of course, we took the time to breakdown Gilfoyle’s entire cryptocurrency PowerPoint. (August 24)

As always, we appreciate everyone who took the time to read our site and we look forward to continuing into 2019.

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