Saying that the US has to have the same healthcare system, educational system and tax burden as other advanced nations is like saying in 1776 that the US should be a monarchy because Britain, France, Spain and the Holy Roman Empire were monarchies.

Founder & Chief Executive Officer @Everledger @leanne_kemp talked "Rewiring Consumer Confidence" in the diamond industry at #hyperledgerforum. Watch the full keynote here:

In engineering, most problems we face are complex problems, not complicated ones.

Complex = many parts (~opposite of simple)
Complicate = high threshold (~opposite of easy)

We can't approach them with the same technique. But too often we don't realize this.

Once Zero CT is on the testnet there will be testing and review required to make sure it operates as expected before launching on the mainnet. The more people who review the protocol, the more thorough this process will be. Discuss how you can contribute >

Paris Blockchain Week @pbwsummit is almost here!

April 16-17, 2019 located at STATION F @joinstationf .

Use this promo code: BLOCKFOLIO30 for a 30% ticket discount!

Tickets and more info can be found at #PBWS

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