It grinds my gears when the media and even Wikipedia euphemistically describes the allegation against Prince Andrew as "sleeping with" or "having sex with" a minor. The allegation is sex trafficking of a minor and thus rape.

As some people may know, I have a slight “problem” with shoes: I have too many of them. When my friend Kat started @hackershoes, I knew I had to get a pair. And I just did!

Support your local hackers.

Twitter poll: should social media companies suspend the accounts of governments and officials who shut down or censor the internet?

No #WalterReed comments from me | I'll leave that for late night talk show hosts | #Trump has supported comedians since 2016 w/ all of the material he provided. I can't think of any leader in the #USA #US ... or any other country ... in History ... who was such a laughing stock.

I think it's kind of a tired and boring thing to just say crypto is about HOLD or HODL

Sell your ZCL if you want, even all the ZCL i just gave away. Do whatever you want

Learn the Technology, Decide what is is worth to you

Everyone in my telegram channels. If you rejoin the channel and click the "unmute" button in the welcome message, you can talk!

I keep running into influencers filming themselves for their YouTube channel. When did this become a thing and when will the number of influencers exceed influencees at the current rate?

Volume, less than $25 million, is Extremely light on #Coinbase (Pro) today ... even for a weekend | Right now, order book is so thin, a $1,000,000 $BTC #bitcoin market order would move the price $150 from $8,480 to $8,630 ... Usually it takes $2,500,000 to move the price by $150.

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