My development team has taken my original bitcoin puzzle model and married it with gameplay. On top of this we've powered the entire experience with blockchain tech. And yes, it's frictionless. Oh yeah, and it's free to play. It's the final count down...

Proud to announce my son was born during the #SuperBloodWolfMoon eclipse.

For such a magical birth he needs a strong and powerful name.

Please suggest some strong boy names. I will know which one is for him and he will be named in your honor 🙏

Bless you twitter 🙌

Tech difficulties for the first stream on Twitch - now that the trial run is out of the way we'll be good to go for tomorrow at 8pm ET. Streaming here:

-> <-

If you say something similar to, "Someone should do random thing X because Ethereum blah blah blah," then perhaps you should just do it yourself.

This is how Week in Ethereum started. #permissionless

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