"A lot of people don't care about having a better form of money. They probably won't care until their current money collapses. Even then, they'll probably just blame whoever the politicians tell them was at fault and carry on with their lives." - @brucefenton #bh2018

Here's a comparison of household income of my followers, from the start of the 2017 bull run to today. It used to be very high income earners interested in crypto investment (33% earned more than $200k per year). The 2017 bull run helped bring in more of the mainstream.


➡️ Watch Worldwide Intro of #ostmosaic

➡️ @animocabrands & OST Announce Partnership

➡️ How @ConnectScale Tokenizes $115B Market

➡️ @thomaspower On Token Economies

NavCoin relies on the efforts of individuals all over the world to secure and maintain its network. The #NavCoin #CommunityFund aims to help strengthen the network by encouraging and incentivizing more people to get involved.
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"Satoshi's vision for #Bitcoin scaling by raising the blocksize was clearly wrong & so was Hal Finney's views on $BTCUSD as bank reserves" - @evoskuil at #bh2018 by @hodlhodl in his great presentation on how The State might look to Criminalize $BTC use & mining to fight back.

"It's still an open question as to if we can build a system that retains censorship resistance in the long run." - @TheBlueMatt #bh2018

Loving the new @slush_pool slogan:
"The biggest @bitcoincoreorg cheerleading mining pool out there" - @rogerkver
Presented at #bh2018 by @hodlhodl in #riga. #Bitcoin w/ @Trezor

About security models and trustlessness in #Bitcoin #bh2018 @TheBlueMatt

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