It was a pleasure to have @SVK_Crypto at the Quantstamp offices. SVK Crypto is an community driven investment fund. Check out their daily podcast here:

I describe myself as an aggressively disillusioned, pragmatic nihilist with libertarian leanings.

Internet celebrity Hong Yu also announced that due to good standing, tech advancement and collaborative spirit, Nebulas is the #1 provider for "up and coming" public blockchains that require infrastructures!

Have not checked my portfolio in a few days. Feelsgoodman

Hong Yu, XMAX initiator & creator of the crypto community "3 A.M" (near 100K users) spoke publicly with Hitters Xu; comparing Nebulas' tech to Android OS, Hong Yu recommends that instead of starting from scratch, projects choose Nebulas to build their blockchains!

Internet celebrity Hong Yu announced that XMAX is applying Nebulas' public chain technology into their project; demonstrating how new chains can be Powered by Nebulas' existing technology!

To think that mining has to be evenly spread amongst all people to ensure equality is flawed thinking. Forced equality in mining destroys network security.

Mining is a race. Races have winners and losers. If not, incentives are gone and PoW networks become vulnerable & insecure.

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Is this the sign of the Ultimate generational bottom on Bitcoin ?

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