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Splyce, a North American esports organization that has fielded teams inĀ Halo, CoD, LoL, WoW, Rocket League, Smite, Paladins, StarcraftĀ and Hearthstone, revealed on Friday that it has partnered with Globatalent, a marketplace that allows people all over the world to fund and trade in their favorite athletes, clubs andĀ sports idols.

While little was initially revealed about the arrangement,Ā Paulo Senra, the VP of content and communications atĀ Splyce’s parent company, OverActive Media Group, told us in an email that the partnership will bring Globatalent’s logo to Splyce’s Call of Duty, Smite, Starcraft andĀ Rocket League team jerseys.

Senra also indicated that GlobaTalentĀ is providing OverActive Media, which recently acquired the rights to a new Overwatch League team in Toronto, with social amplification and access to their ERC-20 token, GBT. Globatalent’s website states that teams can obtain ļ¬nance in exchange for a percentage of their ticketing and sponsorship rights, all secured with blockchain technology for transparency sake.


“Splyce will become official supporters and join a long list of famous athletes, clubs and events that have pledged their belief into the Globatalent project,” reads Globatalent’s website. “Splyce are a tier 1 eSports organization who boast a roster of some of the worldā€™s greatest gamers from the USA, Great Britain and South Korea.”

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This news comes a little over a week afterĀ Fnatic, a major London-based esports organization, partnered withĀ World Asset eXchangeĀ (WAX) to release collectibles and merchandise using WAXā€™s blockchain e-commerce platform.

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