StakeUnited’s pooled altcoin staking platform is an exceptionally convenient, trustworthy and lucrative place to stake cryptocurrency. The website allows users to deposit their proof-of-stake altcoins, which are then pooled together to earn larger staking rewards. The idea is essentially what proof-of-work mining pools have been doing for years, but Stake United is one of the first to pool PoS coins for additional network weight — and the idea has been wildly successful thus far.


The StakeUnited website is a simple platform that makes staking altcoins incredibly easy and far more profitable than staking on your own. Since typical proof-of-stake coins payout based on the number of coins in your wallet (which determines your network weight and the time to earn a reward), pooling the holdings of multiple users generates far more. Even after dividing the stake rewards among all pool contributors and paying a small fee (3 percent) to StakeUnited for managing the pool, each user earns more than staking on their own.

Here is an example with MUT Coin (Solo vs. StakeUnitedPool):

Solo: After 28 days of staking with 20k MUT you’ve got 1.313k MUT.
StakeUnited: After 28 days of staking with 20k MUT you’ve got 13.823k MUT!
(btw: that’s 10 times more than staking alone! After 60 days it’s 50 times more!!!)

Just as in cryptocurrency mining, pooling your resources with other like-minded individuals leads to far greater rewards than trying to go it alone. And there are other benefits to using the Stake United website, including their dedicated team and servers that ensure your coins are always staking. The ability to stake constantly without leaving a wallet running on your desktop is amazingly liberating.


The website currently has wallets for 17 different altcoins, including some fairly well-known coins like PIVX, and several new coins have been added in the last few weeks. Some of the altcoins are fairly new and utilize PoS rather than PoW, so the ROI is currently high as the early supply is created. Often, rewards from staking will change over time or based on the current block, so it’s important to determine the current ROI (and check how it will change going forward).

Altcoin counts on Stake United

Team / Community

The team of people running the pool from CryptoUnited seem very dedicated and transparent. They communicate regularly with the community of stakers on the Discord channel and have plans to improve the platform — including a very interesting masternode hosting system that’s currently under development.

The platform is managed in a highly transparent fashion, listing each payout for the whole pool in the stake history and the total pool balance. They also add an additional layer of convenience by listing the average time between rewards, which can be very helpful when trying to calculate potential returns.

Final Take

StakeUnited is currently the most worthwhile way to stake anything less than huge positions in any of the altcoins they offer wallets for. The increased return from pooled staking and the essentially guaranteed uptime make this a can’t miss website if you’re interested in staking.

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Is your coin not listed on Stake United? Try Simple PoS Pool for more altcoins.

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