Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc. (GOOG) is now publicly disclosing the value of its private stock holdings starting this year. Based on the first report released Monday, the holdings are worth about $11 billion. The company owns a piece of a number of Silicon Valley “unicorns,” including Uber Technologies, Airbnb, and Stripe.

Google Ventures, the company’s venture capital division, made a $258 investment in Uber back in 2013 when the ride-sharing company was valued at a measly $4 billion. Recently Uber has been valued at around $54 billion and likely makes up a big piece of Alphabet’s holdings. However, Alphabet has not released the number of shares it owns in any one company.

Alphabet has a number of investment arms watching over the startup world. Besides Google Ventures, the company also owns Capital G (formerly Google Capital) with a focus on later-stage tech companies. Capital G invests in companies beyond the scope of GV’s radius of North America and Europe, especially in China and India. Alphabet also owns Gradient Ventures, an AI-focused venture fund.

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