Team Secret Announces Open Tryouts for Its Apex Legends Roster

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Team Secret, an esports organization that fields teams in Dota 2, Rainbow Six: Siege, Fortnite and Rocket League, announced Monday that it is holding tryouts for its new Apex Legends team.

“Although we expect the [Apex Legends] esports circuit to slowly develop over time, we want to be at the forefront, and part of the process to develop that scene. Many other esports companies have already begun recruiting teams and taking in applications, but Team Secret is planning to take a slightly different approach,” George Yao, Team Secret’s media director, told us in an email.

According to the announcement, Team Secret is planning to host open tryouts for the E.U. and North America this weekend, and the decisions on the final roster will be entirely performance-based.

Saturday, March 9
NA Tryout Starts: 15:00 PST/18:00 EST
EU Tryout Starts: 17:00 GMT/18:00 CET

Sunday, March 10
NA Tryout Starts: 15:00 PST/18:00 EST
EU Tryout Starts: 17:00 GMT/18:00 CET

PC teams with players over the age of 16 that are interested in participating need to first fill out a form, in addition to joining the team’s official Discord channel.

The tryout format will be point-based where each kill is 1 point, a second place finish is 5 points and a win is 10 points. Each team will be allowed a 4-hour timeframe to determine who can earn the most points. The 5 best-performing squads will gain entry into the final review stage.

Point Scoring System:

  • Win = +10 points
  • 2nd place = +5 points
  • Each kill = +1 point

Apex Legends has seen significant growth in its first month, hitting more than 50 million users. This crushes the record-breaking growth of competing battle royale title, Fortnite.

As we recently reported, Twitch streamer Shroud recently revealed that big things are coming yet to come for Apex Legends.

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