Kathleen Breitman, who is one half of the team that founded Tezos (XTZ), recently expressed herĀ belief that online video games are one of the most promising applications of blockchain smart contracts.

In a segment of Fortune’s Balancing the Ledger, Breitman notes that video games offer a promising hook that may attract users to cryptocurrency. She continues, “The reason Iā€™m focusing on online video games is primarily because the users of these games tend to have the right profile for adopting new digital paradigms.”

While Breitman didn’t share many details about her upcoming project, it’s been made clear that further developments will involve aĀ separate company that will focus on building applications that the general public may utilize seamlessly.

The opportunity to delve into new projects, or explore video games, comes after months spent in a high-profile legal battle with a former director of the Tezos Foundation.

Breitman made note that the foundation had recently distributed over $30 million in grants, after the company raised $232 million last summer, to members of the Tezos community. These grants will fund the development of tools and services for the platform moving forward.

In the same segment, Breitman also mentioned the recent decision by Goldman Sachs toĀ delay the launch of a cryptocurrency trading desk, which was later disputed by the bank’s CFO, noting, “Iā€™m not surprised it didnā€™t go through. There’s a paucity of sophisticated actors who understand bitcoin really well in these Wall Street firms.”

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XTZ is currently ranked 18th in theĀ AltDexĀ 100 IndexĀ (ALT100), a benchmark index for large-cap cryptocurrencies and tokens.

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