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A subreddit once known as a forum in which fans of Avengers: Infinity War could discuss and debate the film’s antagonist, Thanos, has recently divulged into a place of pure madness.

The Redditors of r/ThanosDidNothingWrong have committed to fulfilling a one-off joke that will result in half of their members being randomly banned. The subreddit, which houses over 200,000 members, has received permission from Reddit administrators to initiate the ban on July 9.

The inception of the idea of ban began with the plot of Infinite War, where (spoiler alert) Thanos successfully collects each catastrophic Infinity Stone before completing his goal of wiping away exactly half of the population of the universe. The act arises through the guise of mercy after Thanos experienced the consequences brought upon by limited resources and overpopulation. The act is performed randomly as to not discriminate against any sects or individuals.

r/ThanosDidNothingWrong moderator The-Jedi-Apprentice has been routinely updating the community in regards to efforts made that will maintain website stability as the ban begins. The-Jedi-Apprentice has specified that the date was chosen after Fourth of July to ensure Reddit’s engineers will be free during the ban. The admins are currently designing a bot that will allow The-Jedi-Apprentice to ban random members, including moderators, to eradicate 50 percent of users of the subreddit in a swift manner.

Since announcing that a ban is sure to come, the subreddit has exploded with posts from excited members awaiting their faith. The subreddit has been flooded with posts stating “GIVE BAN” and “Destiny still arrives.” What was once a reference to the souring ending of a film is now an easy-to-swallow joke that has brought massive hordes of Redditors in unison through collective curiosity.

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The subreddit has been gaining fast traction since the official date for the ban was announced, meaning the expected number of banned individuals will continue to grow as the date gets closer. Since large Reddit events such as these are few and far between, various long-time users can be seen posting on the subreddit after having vacated the website as a whole. The road to annihilation is only growing in tension and appeal, as the subreddit’s goal went from being impossible to imminent.

A few subreddits have emerged for those who do suffer the ban, including r/SoulWorld and r/InTheSoulStone, to offer solace for the unlucky half.

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