2018 is setting up to be another crazy year for cryptocurrencies, as adoption goes mainstream and governments discuss regulations. Meanwhile, the mainstream media continues to report on a topic they don’t take the time to fully understand and self-proclaimed experts, like John McAfee and Jordan Belfort, insert themselves into the crypto space to regain relevance.

It’s important to have a sense of the real experts in the space, so we’ve compiled a list of people actually worth listening to.

Top cryptocurrency experts to follow on Twitter in 2018:


Vitalik “too smart” Buterin — Creator of Ethereum

Charlie Lee — Creator of Litecoin

Gavin Andresen — Former BTC developer, BCH advocate

Riccardo SpagniMonero core developer

Thought Leaders

Neeraj Agrawal Coin Center policy think-tank

Tuur DemeesterFintech analyst

Amber Baldet — J.P Morgan Insider

Andreas Antonopoulos — Bitcoin advocate

Anthony Pompliano — Managing Partner at Full Tilt Capital


Always conduct your own due diligence prior to making any investment, but these accounts should offer some sources of inspiration (and entertainment).

Zissou™ — Fundamental trader

Crypto de’ Medici  — Long-term investor

CryptoYoda — Technical trader

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