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WAX (WAX), a blockchain network designed for scalable dapps, announced on Monday that it has formed a historic partnership with Topps, a leading provider of trading cards across sports and entertainment.

According to the press release shared with us, the new digital collectibles (NFTs) will be built on the WAX blockchain, where users will soon be able to discover, collect and trade the officially licensed assets. With the first collectibles set to be released in Q1 2020, users can expect to see official digital trading cards from brands like Marvel, the MLB, Disney, Star Wars and the WWE.

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“Over the years, collectors of Topps trading cards have enjoyed the thrill of ripping open a pack of cards,” said Tobin Lent, vice president and general manager of Topps Digital. “This partnership allows us to bring that memorable collectible experience to an even wider audience. Our Garbage Pail Kids blockchain product will highlight recent advancements in technology and continues Topps’ history of developing innovative products.”

Topps cards will be available for trading in the peer-to-peer WAX marketplace, building off the already established secondary market for trading cards found on traditional auction sites.

“Topps is bringing their collectibles to the forefront of digital innovation and is determined to leverage the opportunities that the blockchain can provide,” added WAX director Evan Vandenberg. “I believe the WAX blockchain will have an important and positive impact on Topps future business models and the way they engage their fanbase.”

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WAX has been making moves in recent months to bring notable brands to its network, including a push to add major esports brands like the LA-based Immortals.

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